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19 January 2007


ESAB has already sold more than 100,000 of its Caddy™ welding machines worldwide which are a lightweight repair and maintenance tool that you can take anywhere.

Compact and ergonomically designed, yet also rugged, the Caddy™ Professional 200/250 welding machines meet the needs of professionals that have to take the welder to the welding job - which might be up a mast, down a hole or just a long distance from a mains electricity supply. Typical applications will be found in general fabrication and civil construction, repair and maintenance operations, shipbuilding and offshore fabrication, and power generation and process industry fabrication and repairs.

Operating from a 400V three-phase supply, the Caddy™ Professional is insensitive to fluctuations in the mains supply and long cables thanks to its high operating voltage and built-in mains voltage compensation. And to improve weld quality, the Caddy™ Professional benefits from an Arc Plus regulator that gives an intense, stable arc that is easy to control. Arc Plus produces smaller droplets, the arc burns smoothly and there is no need to pause at each edge when weaving.

When used for MMA (manual metal arc) welding, the machines can weld most metals, including alloyed and non-alloyed steel, stainless steel and cast iron. The 200A model welds with electrodes up to 4mm in diameter at 5-200A and the 250 model handles electrodes up to 5mm at 5-250A.

In addition, the Caddy™ Professional can be used with a suitable torch, gas valve, gas regulator and gas supply for TIG welding thin mild steel or stainless steel, with or without a filler rod.

Anti-stick and hot start functions make the welder easy to use, delivering consistently high-quality results. For applications where welding is required in confined spaces or damp environments, or when welding pipes, an optional remote control is available.

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