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Sustainability vision

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Our sustainability vision for ESAB is a company that:
- has an impact on the environment that does not contribute to biosphere deterioration
- manages human resources in a way that makes our intellectual capital continously grow
- contributes to local and global economy development
- makes flawless products, needed by society and safe to use
- delivers financial results that satisfies shareholders over business cycles

We will be closer to this vision, at least from an environmental point of view, when:
- welding equipment is designed for refurbishing or reuse
- our raw materials and components are made of recycled materials
- hazardous compounds that are not essential parts of our products have been eliminated
- our production and processes only use renewable energy and closed water circulation systems
- all production waste is reused, recycled or used as raw materials in other processes
- hazardous welding fumes are significantly lowered and effective ventilation systems are used by all welders
- welding slags and other product waste is recycled or used as raw material in other processes

We are obviously still a long way from our vision but every step we take is at least a contribution to a less un-sustainable world.