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7 Jun

New AristoRod™ microsite shows how to boost MAG welding productivity

ESAB has developed a new microsite that will help users of MAG welding to increase their productivity and quality. Packed with useful information, the microsite explains the benefits of ESAB's popular non-copper coated OK AristoRodMAG wires, which have set the benchmark in European welding markets such as Scandinavia, Germany and France, and are quickly spreading into North America and developing markets such as South America and China. 

The microsite explains why OK AristoRodwires' Advanced Surface Characteristics (ASC) result in trouble-free, high-productivity welding in robotised, mechanised and manual applications. Included are video animations in 24 languages, high-speed arc recordings and scientific data. Users of MAG welding can therefore find out about the benefits in terms of productivity and quality, as well as accessing detailed information for the comprehensive range of wires for welding non-alloyed and low-alloyed steels. 

Additional details are provided about Marathon Pacbulk wire drums and ESAB's SAT(Swift Arc Transfer) process that delivers very high productivity. Many of the OK AristoRodwires are available in the environmentally-friendly Marathon Pacbulk wire drums, and there is a broad range of accessories to aid handling and installation. For robotic and other highly mechanised welding applications, Marathon Paccan reduce substantially the time required for spool changes - or eliminate it altogether when the Endless Marathon Pacis employed. 

Swift Arc Transfer (SAT is an innovative high-speed MAG process variant for mechanised and robotic welding of fillet welds. It uses ESAB inverter power sources and the Robofeed 3004 wire feeder to achieve wire feed speeds of up to 30m/min. A stable SATprocess is enabled by the excellent feeding properties of OK AristoRod™. Synergic lines are available for various wire sizes and shielding gases. Visit the OK AristoRodmicrosite now via the home page or the ESAB country website home pages to find out how to improve MAG welding productivity and quality.