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Process industry

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ESAB is a forerunner in the development of systems for welding automation, as well as manual welding processes. The company faces little competition in its 'turnkey' capability to offer a single source solution.

ESAB caters for the different needs of the process industry with the most comprehensive range of welding equipment and consumables available. This range is ably supported in the field by personnel with practical expertise acquired within the industry. They are backed up by top-class laboratory and development resources. This combination enables us to approach almost any welding requirement, from the simplest to the most complex, with a high level of confidence in our ability to furnish an appropriate, cost-effective solution.

The following keywords represent some of our specific areas of expertise within the process industry: 9% Ni steels, large storage tanks, orbital welding, strip cladding, columns and booms with integrated roller beds for SAW, stainless steel experts, training services, certification of products…

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LPG Bottles SM
LPG bottles

ESAB is able to offer complete lines or parts which can handle all the production procedures from sheet-metal forming and welding to heat treatment, quality control and surface treatment.
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Pulp and Paper SM
Pulp and paper

Avesta Prefab is a manufacturer of suction rolls for paper mill machines. The suction rolls are made of stainless steel and produced in lengths up to 10 m, diameter up to 2 m and a thickness up to 120 mm.
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