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ESAB Marathon Pac™ - total MIG/MAG efficiency

Marathon Pac™ features User benefits
Efficient handling Increased welding productivity
Reduced downtime Increased welding productivity
Process stability Continous welding
Better weld quality Well positioned welds, less scrap
Less equipment wear Less maintenance downtime, lower costs

Marathon Pac™ is ESAB’s unique octagonal cardboard bulk drum system for MIG/MAG welding wires. It has often been imitated, but never equalled. It is unique for its octagonal design. Foldable after use and fitting on a pallet, it saves dramatically on storage space compared with common round bulk drums. There are no metal handles or rings – all components are recyclable and can be disposed of with standard separated waste.


Difference in space between 18 unfolded and 18 folded Marathon Pacs. Solid round drums would occupy all this space in a workshop

A second feature that makes Marathon Pac™ unique is the wide range of wire grades together with a complete family of drum sizes. The Marathon Pac™ program covers steel, stainless steel, aluminium and copper-alloys, while a choice of drum sizes offers a solution for any kind of fabrication - from small workshops to large scale manufacturing, from manual to fully automated or robotized welding.

Marathon Pac™

The Marathon Pac™ family.
From left to right: Endless
Marathon Pac™, Mini
Marathon Pac™, Standard
Marathon Pac™ and
Jumbo Marathon Pac™.

The third unique aspect is the complete range of accessories for efficient internal transport and handling and for astonishingly easy installation. No system in the world is easier to use and saves more costs on goods-in to work station logistics. These unique features set Marathon Pac™ aside from any other bulk packaging system, but there is much more to gain. Marathon Pac™ delivers savings right along the entire MIG/ MAG production chain – from manual through to robotic applications – irrespective of local labor costs.

Midi Marathon pac hanging in lifting yoke

Lifting yoke, one of the many Marathon Pac™ accessories for easy handling and installation.

Save on MIG/MAG downtime

With the standard Marathon Pac™ you cut spool change downtime by almost 95% when compared to the use of 18 kg spools, giving more ‘arc time’ with fewer workflow interruptions. This increases even further with the Jumbo Marathon Pac™ and – no downtime at all for spool change – with Endless Marathon Pac™.

Marathon Pac™ wire

The wire from a second Marathon Pac™ is joined to the first using a special portable butt welding device.

Save on rejects and post-working

Unfinished work pieces or rejects due to abrupt spool wire ends are largely avoided with Marathon Pac™. Moreover, each Marathon Pac™ is filled using a special reverse coiling technology to ensure the wire comes out straight. This results in greater process stability, less spatter, perfectly positioned welds and, therefore, less rejects and cleaning.

MarathonPac Results

Straight wire delivery from Marathon Pac™ results in well-positioned welds and fewer rejects.

Save on feeder wear

With no revolving spools and straighter wires there is less wear of the feed system. The savings on guiding tubes, feed rollers and liners should not be underestimated. The savings are quantified and the conclusion is that fabricators can effectively earn back the value of the welding wire when using Marathon Pac™.

Download Marathon Pac™ brochure

Download Marathon Pac™ brochure

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