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OK AristoRod™ - the complete range

OK AristoRod™ is available in non and low alloyed grades for mild, creep resistant, weather resistant and high strength steels and covers a wide range of EN ISO and AWS classifications. OK AristoRod™ is available in either on adaptor-free spools, or Marathon Pac™ 250 and 475 kg (550 and 1050 lbs.) bulk drums.

Visit your local ESAB web site for specific product details:

Product AWS classification wire EN-ISO classification wire Steel type
OK AristoRod™
A5.18 A5.28 14341-A 16834-A  
12.50 ER70S-6   G3Si1   Normal strength
12.57 ER70S-3   G2Si1   Normal strength
12.62 ER70S-2   G2Ti   Normal strength
12.63 ER70S-6   G4Si1   Normal strength
12.65 ER70S-6   G4Si1   Normal strength
13.08   ER80S-D2 G4Mo   Creep resistant
13.09   ER80S-G G2Mo   Creep resistant
13.12   ER80S-G     Creep resistant
13.16   ER80S-B2     Creep resistant
13.22   ER80S-G     Creep resistant
13.26   ER80S-G G0   Weather resistant
55 (13.13)   ER100S-G   G Mn3NiCrMo High strength
69 (13.29)   ER110S-G   G Mn3Ni1CrMo High strength
79 (13.31)   ER120S-G   G Mn4Ni2CrMo High strength
89 (1B96)   ER120S-G   G Mn4Ni2CrMo High strength

Download Welder Guide Book OK AristoRod™ - non copper coated MIG/MAG wires Handbook

Download Welder Guide Book OK AristoRod™

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