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SAT™ Process

SAT™ user benefits
A stable process at very high welding speed
Excellent weld appearance
Good weld penetration
Low heat input and low deformation
Less post weld labor due to limited spatter and deformation
Suited for thin and thick material with a single parameter setting
Easy to implement - common torch positions and normal stickout length
Very low amounts of silicates

ESAB Swift Arc Transfer (SAT™) is a high productivity MIG/MAG process that utilizes OK AristoRod™ non-copper coated wires at travel speeds well beyond the limits of  normal spray arc welding.


SAT™ high productivity process

SAT™ produces flat welds with a good penetration and without undercut. An additional advantage is the low heat input, resulting in less deformation. SAT™ is developed for robotic, automated and mechanized welding. It is suited for fillet and overlap welds in thin to thick plate, in downhand positions.

SAT™ is based on the use of ESAB OK AristoRod™ non-copper coated MIG/MAG wire with Advanced Surface Characteristics. The absence of contamination of the feed system with copper particles and the special surface finish results in dependable feeding properties and a stable arc at high welding currents/wire feed speeds.

OK AristoRod™ non-copper coated wire has the advantage over copper coated wires that it does not quickly contaminate the feed system with copper particles. OK AristoRod™ is available on basket spools, but use of Marathon Pac™ octagonal bulk drums (250 or 475kg) is recommended for big savings on downtime for spool exchange and better welding results due to straighter wires.

SAT™ uses ESAB inverter power sources together with the Robofeed 3004 wire feeder for wire feed speeds up to 30 m/min in conjunction with U82 control unit. Synergic lines are available for three OK AristoRod™ wire sizes and various shielding gases.


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