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ESAB OK AristoRod™ with Advanced Surface Characteristics

OK AristoRod™ with Advanced Surface Characteristics (ASC) takes your manual, mechanized or robotic MIG/MAG welding operations to new levels of performance and all-around efficiency. This high efficiency wire will have a positive impact on reducing your overall welding costs.

OK AristoRod™ Facts

  • Consistent welding performance
  • Stable arc with low feeding force
  • Excellent arc ignition
  • High current applicability
  • Extremely low overall spatter
  • Trouble-free feedability, even at high wire feed speeds and lengthy feed distances
  • Low fume emission

ESAB's unique ASC has enabled the creation of a family of non-coppercoated wires which do not contaminate wire feeders, liners, torches and contact tips with copper particles. This results in troublefree feeding, a high process stability, reduced consumption of wear parts and superior welding properties.

With OK AristoRod™ you gain a higher productivity, improved weld quality, a cleaner work environment and reduced overall welding costs.

The AristoRod™ product range consists of wires for normal strength, high strength, creep resistant and weather resistant steels.

OK AristoRod™ wires can be safely stored for extended periods. That's because the ASC surface technology creates a barrier that is highly resistant to corrosion.

AristoRod™ welding wires

New ASC wire surface technology!

OK AristoRod™ MIG/MAG welding wires with Advanced Surface Characteristics resist corrosion during storage, improves feedability and arc stability and also reduces contact tip wear to a level equal to the very best copper coated wires.

OK AristoRod™ is available either on adapter-free spools, or Marathon Pac™ 250 and 475kg octagonal bulk drums. There's even an 'Endless' Marathon Pac™ version for continuous, non-stop delivery of wire to the welding torch.

The 'Aristo' name is synonymous with ESAB's highest quality traditions. That is why you can be certain that OK AristoRod™ with ASC technology will clearly deliver measurable performance and efficiency enhancements across your welding operations.

Download AristoRod™ - non copper coated MIG/MAG wires brochure

Download AristoRod™ brochure

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