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Scientific Data on OK AristoRod™

A decade after ESAB launched OK AristoRod™ non-copper coated MIG/MAG wire with Advanced Surface Characteristics (ASC), its success stands undisputed in the European welding industry where the most demanding of fabricators have embraced the wire for its superior welding characteristics.

Knowledge – originally gained by ESAB in the production of cored wires in the 1990’s - was further developed and refined and applied in solid wire production to result in the OK AristoRod™ range of non-copper coated wires with Advanced Surface Characteristics - products with unique properties compared with copper coated MIG/MAG wires. OK AristoRod™ brings process stability, prolonged trouble-free feeding, reduced maintenance downtime and less post-weld labor, all adding up to increased productivity and lower welding costs. It has become the benchmark product in developed European welding markets such as Scandinavia, Germany and France and its use is quickly spreading into North America and developing markets such as South America and China.

In a benchmark investigation carried out by ISF Aachen, the German welding research authority, OK AristoRod™ was compared with a wide selection of copper coated MIG/MAG wires from the world’s most important suppliers.

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