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Here's what you'll gain from OK AristoRod™

ESAB OK AristoRod™ with Advanced Surface Characteristics has a number of unique features with advantages for manual, mechanized and robotic welding. These translate into clear benefits which, together, add up to increased productivity and lower welding costs.

Feature Benefit
Trouble-free feedability, even at high wire feed speeds and long feed distances Higher productivity, reduced equipment downtime
Consistent welding performance Consistent weld results
Stable arc with low feeding force High weld quality. Reduced rework or post weld cleaning
Excellent arc ignition Reduced post weld cleaning
High current operability Higher productivity
Extremely low spatter level Reduced post weld cleaning
Low fume emission Cleaner working environment
Higher corrosion resistance of wire surface Longer safe storage and higher weld quality

 OK AristoRod MAG wire