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Shipbuilding & Offshore

Shipbuilding & Offshore

In the shipbuilding and offshore industries, ESAB is well-known for its solution-oriented customer support and training, aimed at maximizing business by delivering advanced technology, products and services.

ESAB Panel Production Line
A panel production line is a material-handling and welding line for the manufacture of straight stiffened sections in shipbuilding.

Panel production line

Example of panel production line layot:
-  One-side welding station (A)
-  Cutting and marking station (B)
-  Stiffener mounting gantry (C)
-  Stiffener welding gantry (D)

One-side welding station (A)
At this station, panels are butt welded using a submerged arc multi-wire welding system. Panels are fixed onto a copper flux backing bar by magnets or hydraulic clamping devices.

One side welding station


Cutting and marking station (B)
Station where the welded panels are cut to the correct size and at the same time marked for correct placement of stiffeners.

Cutting and marking station


Stiffener welding mounting gantry (C)
At this station stiffeners are fed and tack welded onto the panel. The gantry is equipped with tack welding carriages, hydraulic clamping devices and lifting magnets.

Stiffener Welding Mounting Gantry


Stiffener welding gantry (D)
Station for gas metal arc fillet-welding of stiffeners. The rail travelling gantry is designed to carry several welding heads for optimum production capacity.

Stiffener Welding Gantry