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Shinkansen train

Aluminium panels



Extruded aluminium panels for rolling stock
Today, aluminium metros and trams operate in many cities and aluminium regional and high speed trains are used all over the world. The passenger rail category features an enormous variety of designs and structures. The structural loads imposed by the passengers and their seating dictate the design. These rail cars are made of two or more extrusions to create a single broader extrusion.
The individual extrusions are longitudinally FSW welded to sections of the desired length and width.

FSW (Friction Stir Welding) is an ideal process for butt and overlap welding of lengthy longitudinal extruded sections that comprise roof, floor and body side panels.

Leading railcar manufacturers have long adopted FSW-welded hollow panels to build trains.

The key benefits are:
•  Significant weight savings
•  Superior tolerances on shapes and components 
•  Reduced on-site machining 
•  Reduced assembly time

The ESAB SuperStir™ programme for the rail industry covers:

SuperStir™ C-Frame    SuperStir™ C-Frame

SuperStir™ Gantry H      SuperStir™ Gantry V
SuperStir™ Gantry H                     SuperStir™ Gantry V