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Flat Cap Control™

A flat cap on a weld is nothing new. However, achieving a flat low cap with ICE™ technology is much easier than with conventional welding processes. Because the cold wire is not an active parameter it can be adjusted while welding, without changing the energy in the process. In other words, while still meeting the validity range in the WPS (the welding code applied may influence the validity range in the WPS).

At present, if a weld is filled just below the parent material level, an extra run is needed. This extra run will need to be removed in most applications by grinding, because of the risk of overfill and not meeting the cap requirements. This additional weld involves the unnecessary use of filler metals - not to mention the time and cost of grinding this unnecessary material away.

A flat cap is more easily achieved with ICE™ technology, by fine tuning the amount of cold wire while welding.

Flat Cap Control™