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The ICE™ advantage

ESAB's patent pending ICE™ technology exploits the excess heat from the Twin wire SAW process yielding multiple productivity benefits:

  • High deposition rate - up to 100% increased deposition rate compared to single wire welding at the same heat input, enabling many applications to be completed with fewer runs.
  • High welding speed - the increased deposition rate and increased process stability can be used to deliver higher welding speeds in applications where speed matters.
  • Enabling tandem welding in root passes, ICE™ technology combines high penetration with high productivity. The High Deposition Root™ method can raise root welding productivity by up to 100%, depending on the application.
  • Reduced filler metal costs - typically a 20% reduction in flux consumption and additional savings in filler metal consumption from the innovative Flat Cap Control™ feature.
  • The high productivity of ICE™ technology can also be used to reduce heat input and distortion at maintained productivity. Reduced heat from ICE™ technology will in many applications eliminate the need to wait for the correct interpass temperature.
  • The most environment-friendly Submerged Arc Welding method reduces energy consumption by up to 33% compared to Twin Wire SAW and up to 50% compared to Single wire SAW.

Gain a performance advantage with ICE™ !

View/download the slideshow to see how ICE™ can increase your welding productivity:

Slideshow ICE™