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ESAB Gantrac



Tank welder AGW

Carriers and Gantries

The ESAB range of Carriers and Gantries comprises:

  • Mechtrac 1730/210/2500/3000
    For mechanized gantry automation.
    A fast and flexible way to increase the productivity.
    Weld various profiles such as I-, T- or L-beams, straight columns or tapered columns.
  • Gantrac
    Highly stabilized manipulation of welding torches with optimized welding results.
    Rigid legs supported by encoder-controlled DC-driven bogie carriages as well as a cross beam to ensure uniform, stable welding speed.
  • Walltrac
    Minimal floor working area thanks to the single rail/wall support.
    For production of various beam structures, such as I/H and box beams of tapered and non-symmetrical design, stiffener sections and the joining of plates and sections.


Tank Welder AGW1 and AGW2
AGW Tank Welder is a series of self-propelled 3 o'clock welding equipment primarily developed for on-site erection of large storage tanks, silos, blast furnaces and similar cylindrical objects. It is available as a single-side version and a double-side version. Usually it is designed to travel on the top edge of the tank shell.

Product information
Tank welder AGW