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ESAB Column & Boom

Column & Booms

Focusing on standardized dimensions and components, the ESAB "S" series of CaB units offers anything but standard economy and performance.

The first step in automated welding
The natural choice when taking the first step from manual to automated welding. Ideal for smaller volumes and/or less complex workpieces. Common "S" series features include a single boom-end welding head, centric column and manual rotation (±180°), with an action radius of 4-5 m or 5-7 m. Supporting end-boom loads up to 240 kg (300S) or 450 kg (460S), the units can be operated with ESAB's A2 or A6 welding systems.

The "M" (modularized) column-and-boom series can provide virtually tailor-made solutions to meet customers' wide-ranging requirements.

The next step in automated welding
Marking the next step to a higher level of automation, the "M" series offers significant gains in welding process capability and functionality. Available in several load and stroke sizes, these modularized units can be configured to satisfy most common welding requirements. By combining standard components in different configurations, customers are assured of multiple options with maximum flexibility at minimum cost - and impressively short lead times.

Each "C" column-and-boom unit is customized to individual requirements and specifications.

The ultimate step in automated welding
When off-the-shelf or modular solutions are simply not an option, ESAB can design a CaB welding unit to your precise specifications, dimensions and load tolerances, whatever the requirement. The "C" (customized) units provide the ultimate solution, where a specialized configuration is required for complex and sometimes product-specific automated welding applications. Centric or eccentric, longitudinal or transversal, single or double-track boom, multiple heads (standard, floating or narrow-gap), joint and/or seam tracking, SAW (single, twin, tandem or tandem-twin wire) GMAW or TIG, fully automatic flux management, just ask. 

Telbo™ 6500 and Telbo™ 9500 - Telescopic boom
ESAB Telbo™ welding manipulators are a giant innovative step towards highly productive automatic welding. Telbo™ has a unique 3-section synchronized telescopic boom retraction that allows you to use your workshop more efficiently. Compared to an ordinary Column and Boom of similar size you will free 10 m of valuble workshop space in depth, along the whole travelling length.


-  PLC control system for synchronized boom motion
-  Automatic "Wind Back" of wire during boom retraction
-  Telescopic wire guides
-  Remote controlled flux nozzle (option)
-  Remote controlled height adjustment of joint tracking sensor (option)
-  Saving in factory-floor foot print
-  Increased workshop safety
-  Enables flexible production
-  "Big Pack" handling concepts (option)
-  Camera supervision system (option)