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SuperStir™ Canister



LEGIO™ 4UT-300


  Rosio™ FSW Robot

ESAB FSW programme



Custom-built for automated production

The SuperStir™ programme is a concept for custom-built FSW machinery. The design is geared to customers requirements for full-scale automated production.

The concept is applied across the entire industrial spectrum, embracing the aerospace, marine, road and rail sectors as well as the nuclear industry. 


LEGIO™ FSW machines

Modular concept

The LEGIO™ FSW machines offer a flexible and modular concept in a cost-efficient price range.
The LEGIO™ range comprises five basic designs in a series of welding-head sizes, offering a range of welding depths. This product family is used by universities and companies engaged in establishing FSW process competence and interested in small- batch fabrication.

The basic LEGIO™ machines can be supplemented with different types of fixtures, clamping systems and rotary units to suit the most varied research and fabrication needs.


Rosio™ FSW Robot

Maximum welding flexibility

The Rosio™ FSW robot system enables flexible joining of complex structures, preferably in aluminium. The ability to perform welds in an arbitrary direction in a three-dimensional workspace increases the potential for new and challenging FSW applications.

•  3D workspace
    - enabling challenging applications and joint geometries.
•  360° work station layout
    - multiple work stations for reduced lead times.
•  Track-motion
    - standard track extension system up to twenty meters.
•  Multiple operations system
    - enabling milling or grinding with the same system.