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Flash Butt Welding Equipment

Chain Making Equipment
Fully automatic manufacturing system for mining chains with or without forged links in dimensions ranging from 22 to 64 mm. Using robotic handling techniques and a PLC system ensures correct positioning of the link throughout the entire process, enabling fully automation.

Chain making equipment

Manufacturing systems for the production of Mooring and Anchor chains, in dimensions ranging from 18 to 180 mm. Its flexibility and high capa ity make Carousel the most common chain making system. ESAB delivers complete semi-automatic or fully automated installation; depending on the required grade of automation.

Chain making carousel

ESAB also supplies single machine units, resistance heaters, forming machines, flash butt welding machines, trimming machines, stud presses, chain transport equipment and manipulator systems.

Rail welding equipment
The ESAB ZFR 11 GC 6T stationary flash butt welding machine for the production of long rail sections. The machine can weld rails up to a maximum cross section of 12000 mm2. All normal rails made of mild steel, low alloy and high alloy steel can be welded.

The machine welds with direct current. The load on all three main line phases is perfectly balanced. Rail straightness is guaranteed by mechanized alignment. The machine has a built-in device for flash removal around the entire rail profile.

Rail welding machine

ESAB ZFR 10 BT is an automatic, hydraulically operated flash butt welding machine, specially designed for welding rails where the outer dimensions of the machine must be as compact as possible. The machine can weld rails up to a maximum cross section of 10.000 mm2. All normal rails made of mild steel, low alloy and high alloy steel can be welded.

The machine is equipped with a trimming unit and the whole machine travels on linear guides to locate the joint line and to adopt the correct position for trimming.


Machines for flash butt welding of railway related components
ESAB's range of open-fronted flash butt welding machines best suited to joining rails to crossings and switch points. This type of machine has also proved appropriate to a variety of applications in the repair of rail and freight cars.

ESAB standard FBW machines
ESAB's machine program comprises machines of different sizes and design with a maximum upsetting force of 1200 kN, suitable for welding workpieces ranging in area from approx. 100 to 30.000 mm2.

Standard FBW machine

Welding Control FBW 2012
ESAB's FBW 2012 Flash Butt Welding control system, based on the latest Mitsubishi PLC version, provides the operator with an easy-to-use, programmable control system for controlling the flash butt welding process.
All programs will be created and edited via the welding control in the form of pop-up menus in the local language, screened on the operator's panel. The programming phase is an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use procedure, starting with the adding of the required modules (pre-flashing, pre-heating, flashing and upsetting).

The FBW 2012 consists of two main parts:
Operator's PC, a PC-based system for programming/display and storage of set-up/recording values.
Control PLC, a PLC-based control system for control of the welding machine, connected to the operator's PC.

Welding control FBW 2012