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A2 Multitrac with process controller PEK

Welding Tractors

Automation is the best way to resolve rising labor costs and increased demands for verifiable and consistent quality. A welding tractor offers an excellent and practical first step into the world of welding automation.

The most basic welding tractor functions simply as the extended arm of the operator. The tractor holds the torch and guarantees consistent welding speed and tracking.

The more advanced tractors feature additional functions, designed to handle more demanding applications. For example, the start/stop sequence can be controlled to avoid craters.

There are multi-purpose as well as more specialized tractors. Railtrac 1000 is a module-based tractor program, where individual modules can be combined to create a custom-designed automation solution.

The move from manual MIG/MAG welding to an automated tractor-based solution generates a multiple increase in productivity. With the right application, the move from manual MIG/MAG welding to a Tandem Subarc tractor can increase productivity by a multiple of more than 25.