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Rich Text Editing

CommonSpot provides an easy-to-use WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) rich text editor that emulates popular word processors, enabling non-technical contributors to quickly format unstructured content for the Web.

Rich text editor (RTE) functionality is a component of several CommonSpot Elements and is available as a field type for Metadata forms, Custom Elements, and Simple Forms.

Site administrators or template designers can control the type and level of RTE functionality available to content contributors.  For example, you can specify whether to show/hide HTML and other editing options, the default Paste format, and style sheet handling.

The Rich Text Editor features a Property Inspector, which dynamically displays current content information, formatting options and shortcuts for easier authoring and editing.  For example, the Property Inspector conditionally displays relevant Element ID, tag information, and number type options for numbered lists, bullet shape options for unordered lists, and width, height, source, link, and formatting information for images.

The Text editor also includes a WYSIWYG preview tool to show you how content will look based on the paste options selected.  This is a powerful feature for users who routinely copy and paste content from Word or other applications.  When selecting various options for how to paste, CommonSpot provides a real-time preview of what the pasted content looks like when each options is applied.

For general information on using the Rich Text Editor, see Editing Content with the Rich Text Editor.  For advanced use and global configuration of the Rich Text Editor, see Rich Text Editor Settings.


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