Optional Logging Parameters for Static Content Generation
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Optional Logging Parameters for Static Content Generation

If your site uses Administrators Reference, you can optionally produce additional log files by creating a custom-application.cfm file in the root directory of your site and defining the following variables:

request.site.generalSettings.static_log [value = 0 (off) 10 (standard) 20 (verbose)] - To produce or suppress generation of {datestamp}-static.log in the /commonspot/logs directory use the following options:

0 = off (no log)

10 = standard (logs out status for how many pages are left to be processed)

20 = verbose (logs each page processed with a timestamp for how long it took to generate and page status (static or dynamic). This option adds pageIDs that still need updating to the job status information.

request.site.generalSettings.logStaticSiteChange [value = 1(on) 0(off)] - When active, this variable enables a new log {datestamp}-staticstatechange.log in the /commonspot/logs directory. The staticstatechange.log contains an entry for each processed page whose status has changed from either static to dynamic or dynamic to static.

Each entry lists the name and relative path of the changed file, its pageID, current status and former status. The log also contains a stack trace to help determine what process (authoring, background job, or Page Properties) caused page status change.

Request.site.generalSettings.logLinkUpdate [value = 1 (on) 0 (off)] - When active, runs a process to identify links for all affected pages whenever page status changes from static to dynamic (or vice versa). When enabled, generates a new log file {datestamp}-link-update.log in the /commonspot/logs directory. This log file contains pageIDs for changed pages and all affected pages. The log also contains a stack trace to help you identify the process that caused links to change.

Request.site.generalSettings.logMarkTypedCacheChange [value =1 (on) 0 (off)] - When enabled, logs change page and affected page IDs for page additions or changes or custom Element changes that affect other pages, for example, if you change or add a page that affecting an existing page index.


// Log Static Generation 0=none, 10=standard, 20=verbose

request.site.GeneralSettings.staticlog = 20;


// Log State Changes

request.site.GeneralSettings.LogStaticStateChange = 1;


// Log Link Updates

request.site.GeneralSettings.logLinkupdate = 1;


// Log PageIndex & Custom Element Updates

request.site.GeneralSettings.LogMarktypedcachechange = 1;


Including this code in custom-application.cfm (in the root directory) logs:

See the Best Practices section of the Static Content Generation Guide for more on how to use these optional log files.


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