Clipboard Operations
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Clipboard Operations

Although you are probably familiar with the clipboard operations Cut, Copy, and Paste, they are described below.

Note: For security reasons, both Mozilla-based browsers and Chrome disallow these operations unless you first configure the browser to explicitly grant access to the clipboard.  You can easily install helper extensions to support clipboard functions in both browsers:

For Mozilla-based browsers, see support information at, consult your system administrator, or review this article (requires login):

If you are using Chrome, the first time you use the RTE CommonSpot automatically prompts you to download and install the Paperthin Chrome extension. To avoid the interruption in work this may cause, create an instance of cut, copy, or paste to download and install the extension in advance of using the RTE and clipboard for real work.

Since Safari allows cut, copy and paste through right-click only, these functions (as well as the standard keyboard shortcuts of Command/CTRL-C, Command/CTRL-V, etc.) are not available from the Rich Text Editor toolbar for Safari users.

Clipboard behavior is also affected by Rich Text Editor settings configured at the admin level.  Consult your CommonSpot Site Administrator or see the description of Paste Options under Rich Text Editor Settings in the Administrator's Reference.


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