Content Publishing Process
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Content Publishing Process

CommonSpot has a flexible, yet easy-to-use publishing process that allows non-technical users to easily publish Web content CommonSpot includes:

Approval and Workflow - Robust, yet flexible revision and approval procedures allow a workflow and approval process to be established, consistent with your business requirements, ensuring that high quality content is maintained throughout the site. CommonSpot supports both a simple and a more stringent content management workflow, ranging from publish now empowering authors with approval and publishing rights to a more formalized process with multi-level approval required before content is published. Approvers are notified of content awaiting their approval via email, My CommonSpot, or left panel Page Tools – Notifications.

Visual Difference - Visual Difference makes it easy for an approver to review and compare what's changed on the page, providing a handy comparison of the published version against the proposed changes - a helpful feature for content approvers. This feature is available for comparing the current version with the last version or for selected versions.

At-a-Glance Status - CommonSpot presents content owners with a customizable dashboard for viewing work in progress, content requiring approval, reminders to check content freshness, shortcuts, saved searches, and other time-saving tools, through a personalized list displayed at log in.

Email Review - For organizations that require approval from individuals or groups outside the standard publishing process CommonSpot provides an “Email Review” option to route approval requests to non-CommonSpot contributors. This feature allows content contributors to send a “preview” of a page via email. Reviewers receive an HTML attachment of the page optionally displaying content in read mode, author mode, or edit mode view. With this feature,"outside reviewers" can conveniently participate in the publishing process.

Email Notifications - CommonSpot can also provides email notifications to both content contributors and end-users in association with various events (such as approval of content, content freshness reminders, etc.) using the ColdFusion SMTP interface.


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