Custom Render Handlers
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Custom Render Handlers

Custom Render Handlers are simple ColdFusion modules that provide customized rendering for a particular element type. Rather than relying on the standard output for an element type provided by CommonSpot, developers can create their own modules that combine HTML and the data saved in the CommonSpot element. The handlers are managed from within the consolidated Element management section of the CommonSpot Administrator. See the Defining Render Handlers section of the Site Administration chapter in the CommonSpot Administrator Guide for details on creating Custom Render Handlers.

Within the Element Management Dialog, a custom render handler can be registered for an element type. Once a handler is registered for a particular element type, when you click the Element Tool icon for an instance of the element type, the menu will include the option ‘Custom Render Handlers…’ which opens the Custom Render Handlers dialog. This option is provided for the following elements: Formatted Text Block, Simple Text Block, Link, Link Bar, Breadcrumb, Page Set Navigation, Page Index, Page Set Index, Page Set Table of Contents, and Search Results elements.

Upon clicking the corresponding menu item, the following dialog presents an example of a list of Custom Render Handlers. From here, simply select the desired rendering format by clicking on the radio button adjacent to the desired option. Each option provides a different, predetermined way in which to render, in this case, the Page Index element on the page.

Click the ‘OK’ button to save your selection and immediately view the element using the selected render handler.


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