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Image Size

To modify the image size, border size, or vertical/horizontal spacing, click the Edit button next to Image Size in the Image Properties dialog.

Original Size resizes the image to its original size at upload to the server.

The Scaled option renders the image to the size you specify.

Remember that you cannot make an image larger than it is—you can only make it smaller. Making an image larger than the original adds artifacts and results in a poor quality image.

If you check Scale proportionally, you can enter a value for either the width or the height and CommonSpot will automatically calculate the other dimension required to maintain the image proportions. If you do not check Scale proportionally, you will have to enter both dimensions manually. To maintain image integrity, proportional scaling is usually preferred.

Link Border Size: If you want a border around the image, specify its width in pixels. If you do not want a border, set or keep this field at zero (0).

Spacing Around Image: Enter the number of pixels of “padding” to leave between the image and the text or cell boundaries.


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