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Insert Link

This dialog displays for all CommonSpot operations that support linking, including inserting links to text or images within the Rich Text Editor and adding links to Bulleted Lists, Link Bars, Tab Bars, and other Hyperlink Elements. Use this dialog to create or edit hyperlinks and set link and target attributes.

CommonSpot gives you advanced options for content linking and display. In addition to standard page, image, bookmark, and email address links, you can link to QuickTime movies, Scheduled Elements and uploaded files. You can also define links to new pages and file uploads "on the fly" and assign Standard Properties or Custom Properties to new items, to improve link relevancy. CommonSpot manages links created within CommonSpot and provides tools for managing other external links. See Link Validation, Validating External URLs, and Report of Pages with Broken, Deleted or Unverified Links.

This dialog displays in edit mode for existing links, as shown below. Links defined to open in another window include a Link Window Properties tab.

Note: You can define both link action and mouseover action for a single link. For example, you can define the descriptive text that displays in the browser status bar as the Mouseover Action for a page or document link.

Link Action Tab


Once you select or a link type, you have the following options for creating a link target.


Click the Choose from current subsite button to select a page or object from this subsite. CommonSpot returns results based on link type.

Click the Quick Find button to use a simple search to locate a link target.

Click the Advanced Search button to build a search query to find a link target.

Click the Saved Search button to choose from your saved searches to set a link target (you must first create saved searches).

Click the Bookmark button to select a bookmark from existing bookmarks or to manually define new ones.

Mouseover Action Tab

Link Window Properties


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