Using Elements
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Using Elements

CommonSpot’s Elements handle everything from plain text and images to hypertext links, PowerPoint presentations, and video clips with equal facility. Most authors find the standard suite of Elements sufficient for their needs. However, it is also possible to create new Elements for specialized purposes.

Site administrators grant rights to create Elements. Web developers creating base templates in ColdFusion may also programmatically insert Elements with desired attributes.

Site designers, Webmasters, and content authors build Web pages either by choosing a template containing the desired Elements or by inserting appropriate Elements from the Element Gallery onto a page.

Adding Elements to pages is a two-step process of:

  1. Selecting the Element to insert
  2. Defining Element attributes

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Whether you are starting from a blank page or modifying an existing template or page, click the New Element icon with the ghost text Click to insert new element to display the Element Gallery. Element categories make it easy to find what you need.

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Click to expand a category. To open all categories at once and view the complete Gallery, click the Expand all link.

Each Element displays with a brief explanation of its function. When you find the Element you need, click to insert it into your page. If you want to leave the Gallery without making a selection, click Close.

SeeContributors Reference and the CommonSpot Elements Reference for more information on individual Elements and their functions.

Once you insert and define an Element, its status changes to Work-in Progress, for editing or submitting for approval or publishing. See Content States and Work In Progress and Approval Icons.


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