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Paste Options

The Paste Option dialog is opened from the Textblock Properties dialog when you click the Paste toolbar button or when you use a keyboard shortcut (Control-V for Windows; Apple-V for MAC-OS). This dialog lets you control how CommonSpot converts pasted content into HTML code.

Note that only right-click options are available in Safari.

Note: For security reasons, both Mozilla-based browsers and Chrome disallow Cut and Paste operations unless you configure the browser to explicitly enable Clipboard access. For details on enabling these options, see Clipboard Operations in the CommonSpot Contributor's Reference. Clipboard behavior is also affected by Rich Text Editor configuration settings. Consult your CommonSpot site administrator or review Paste Options in the Administrators Reference.

Some or all of the following options will be available. The specific options are determined by the actual content that is being pasted, as well as the settings defined in the Advanced Textblock Properties dialog for the specific text block instance and the site-wide settings defined in the Rich Text Block Default Properties dialog in the CommonSpot Administrator (see the CommonSpot Administrator's Reference for detailed information).

You have these paste option, and they are within the "Insert the contents of the clipboard preserving formatting wherever possible" area.

When the pasted content contains only plain text, the Paste plain option is automatically selected and the Paste Options dialog is not shown.


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