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Search Form Element

The Search Form Element renders an HTML form with a search edit field, a search button, and other specified options such as a list of subsite, number of results per page, etc. This Element allows site designers to provide to the end-users a full text search interface. This Element has various options that allow the Element author to determine the look and feel, complexity, and scope of the search form. The Search Form Element may be used in conjunction with the Search Results Element, however only one Search Form Element should appear on the same page.

To insert a Search Form Element, select the Search Form Element from the Search Elements section of the Element Gallery. Once inserted onto the page, the following ghost text displays for the Element:

The Search Form Element has no content per se, and thus the only configurable properties are the Layout and Font & Color properties. While in Author mode click the search form directly, to invoke the Layout Properties menu or the Edit Item icon directly will invoke the Layout Properties dialog. The Search Form Element renders an HTML form; therefore it should not be inserted into a base template or Custom script Element that also utilizes an HTML form.


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