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Search Results Element

Use the Search Results Element to display the results of a full text search. CommonSpot integrates with the Verity search engine bundled with ColdFusion to perform a full text search across the entire site or selected subsites. CommonSpot’s search interface lets you search based upon the language specified during page creation in the page’s properties. Therefore, the search results will only include same language pages.

The image above shows a page in Author mode that contains both a Search Form Element (the right Element) and a Search Results Element (the left Element). When in author mode, the Search Results Element shows a representation of what the search results may look like. The represented data is not actual search results data. Note that the search results returned from this Element have been limited to 9999 records for scalability reasons.

Note: The Search Results Element includes “private” (unreadable by anonymous users) content. CommonSpot indexes private (unreadable by anonymous users) content by default to enable private content searches. Note that you must explicitly exclude private content from search results to ensure that all results pages are readable by the current user.


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