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13 June 2007


For the petrochemical, paper and pulp, energy and food processing industries

ESAB has introduced three new rutile MMA electrodes with excellent all-positions arc control at very low welding currents – OK 61.20, OK 63.20 and OK 67.53.  They have been developed in response to the increasing use of thin-walled stainless pipe and sheet to extend the life cycle of installations.

Stable arc at low currents

A stable, soft arc at very low current and voltage makes them suitable for both up and downhill welding of pipes with a wall thickness in the region of two mm.  The slag system allows a long pull-out length, reducing electrode change time loss.

Low spatter, good slag release and good wetting minimise time loss in post-weld cleaning.  Corrosion resistance meets the requirements of demanding environments found in, for example, the petrochemical and shipbuilding industries.

OK 61.20 – for 1,4307 type austenitic stainless steels

This electrode complements the well established OK 61.30 to cover very thin stainless steel.  It has been developed for AISI 304 types of austenitic stainless steel widely used in applications with a moderate corrosion resistance requirement.

OK 63.20 – for 1,4404 type austenitic stainless steels

OK 63.20 is used for 1,4404 type stainless steels (AISI 316) applied in petrochemical plants and for marine applications.  In line with the parent material, it is alloyed with molybdenum to provide enhanced resistance to pitting corrosion in chloride-containing media, such as salt water.  Another major use is the welding of AISI 304L type stainless steel for similar applications, to provide a weld with a significantly higher corrosion resistance.

OK 67.53 – for 1,4462 type austenitic stainless steels

OK 67.53 is used for welding austenitic-ferritic (duplex) 1,4462 stainless steel applied extensively in the petrochemical and pulp and paper industry, shipbuilding and offshore construction.  It is particularly suitable for bridging large gaps in thin-walled material.

·               Productive welding

·               Reduced post weld cleaning

·               Good corrosion resistance in demanding environments

Examples from the industry

SMAW provides better economy compared to GTAW, mainly due to the avoidance of gas purching, related waiting times and associated gas costs.  The better welding economy makes MMA electrodes a popular choice for applications in thin-walled stainless steel.