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14th July 2010


 ESAB has introduced a new addition to its popular Caddy family of welding machines - the Caddy Mig C200i. Suitable for a wide variety of assembly, maintenance and repair operations, the Caddy Mig C200i is compact and lightweight and features a built-in wire feeder that accepts 200mm spools. Ergonomically designed, rugged and reliable, the new machine can be used to weld steel, aluminium and stainless steel, plus it is suitable for Mig brazing. Both solid and gasless cored wires can be used.

A key advantage offered by this new inverter power source is ESAB's QSet automatic setting technology that delivers excellent welding performance with the minimum of effort from the user. Indeed, the Caddy Mig C200i is the first of ESAB's Caddy portable welders to benefit from the company's QSet technology. Once the material type and thickness have been entered via the intuitive operator interface, the user simply performs a five-second test weld and the QSet system automatically optimises the short arc welding parameters. QSet then maintains a constant arc, independent of the stick out, to ensure consistent quality and ease of use, whether the operator is working in a production environment, repair workshop or on site.


The low weight of 12kg means that the Caddy Mig C200i is genuinely easy to carry, and its ability to operate from either a single-phase power supply or a portable generator means that the Caddy Mig C200i can be used virtually anywhere. Thanks to careful attention being paid to power factor correction (PFC) and harmonics during the design of the electrical circuits, the Caddy Mig C200i delivers 30 per cent more power despite still being equipped with a 16A fuse. At a 20 per cent duty cycle the machine delivers 180A/23V; at a 100 per cent duty cycle it still achieves an impressive 100A/19V. The current setting range is 30-200A, the speed on the integral wire feed can be set from 1-12m/min, and wire diameters from 0.8-1.0mm can be used.

 Each Caddy Mig C200i is supplied complete with a 3m torch, 3m mains cable, 3m gas hose with two hose clamps and quick connectors, a 3m return cable with clamp, and a simple shoulder carrying strap.  1kg OK Autrod 12.51 wire will be included as an introduction offer