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Process and application support

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The customers' experiences of our products is key to us and often our most valuable source of information. ESAB's Process & Application Support division serves our customers and sales companies at global level.

We have a number of specialists with a comprehensive knowledge of the different welding processes and their applications. We work actively with manual, mechanised and automated processes and we have robot cells that are available for our customers’ applications. The group can create customised solutions when it comes to education, problem-solving and introducing new processes into your production process. The projects the group is involved with include the LaserHybrid and TandemMAG processes and the multi-wire SAW process. Contact us through your local ESAB subsidiary or directly via e-mail.

Search in our WPS database for a Welding Procedure Specification. If there is a WPS that matches your search, you will see a list of ”hits”. To obtain more information about the availability of the WPS, click the ”contact” button and enter your country of residence and you will be given a contact address. The WPS database is new and procedures are entered daily, so it will steadily expand. This search opportunity is free of charge, but a cost may be involved when it comes to accessing the WPS in question, depending on local policies.