With innovative ESAB technology and industry-leading productivity enhancements, Warrior has the features you need and the innovation you expect.

Multiple-Process Welding
This multipurpose machine is designed for GMAW (MIG), FCAW (Flux-Cored), SMAW (Stick), and GTAW (TIG) welding, as well as ACAG (Arc Gouging), and delivers up to 500 amps @ 60% duty cycle.

  • Welds .030-5/64 in. flux-cored and solid wires
  • Great Short Arc performance with 500 amps
  • Full range of Stick capabilities with excellent 7018 and 6010 performance
  • Arc Gouges with electrodes up to 3/8 in. diameter

All-in-One Panel
All of your controls, including your power switch, are right on the front panel for easy access.

Read-Anywhere Display
Warrior's sun-friendly display makes it easy to read outdoors and from a wide range of angles.

Simple Controls
Easy-to-use means easy-to-get-work-done, so you'll be up and running in seconds. Glove friendly knobs make adjustments quick and easy.

Connection Cable Set
Having power, gas, and control in an all-in-one bundle with quick disconnect will slash your set-up time and get you welding quicker. And, because they're housed in a tough, protective cover, your cables will last longer.

Inverter Technology
Warrior brings the outstanding arc performance and energy savings you expect from an inverter. Along with increased energy efficiency and more power from a lighter, smaller, and more portable unit, Warrior provides the simple functionality welders want at a competitive price.

Warrior's autofan is built to keep dirt out, and ensure a long life for your machine. And because it's only on when it needs to be, it'll save you energy and money, too.

High-Duty Cycle
For long runs across a variety of applications, this machine works as hard as you do.

IP23 Enclosure Rating
The enclosure is built to protect you and your machine. Designed to a higher standard, Warrior can withstand harsh outdoor environments.

Automatic Hot Start/Variable Arc Control
Optimize your welding for the job at hand with total arc control - hot start, arc force, and inductance settings.

Air Tunnel Design
Cools Warrior and keeps critical electronics free from dirt, oil, and foreign objects.

Ergonomically Located Handles
Allow for efficient mechanical lifting and movement.

Easy-to-Open Side Panel
Provides quick access for service and maintenance.

Rubber Mat Top
Gives wire feeders protection and stability.

Generator Compatible
For flexible use at any outdoor site, in any weather condition.


  • Easy-to-Assemble Cooling Unit, for high current water-cooled applications
  • Easy-to-Assemble Trolley and Wheel Kits