Warrior Feed 304
The Warrior Feed 304 brings you the same benefits as its partner power supply; simple functionality, rugged durability, and outstanding performance.

  • Standard 4-roll drive provides better feedability.
  • Easy-to-use controls (remote voltage, gas purge, inch wire, WFS, trigger lock, and slow run-in) make configuration easy.
  • Read-anywhere, sun-friendly, wide-angle display for all environments helps you keep your eye on your settings.

MobileFeed 300AVS
This remarkably portable arc voltage feeder is ideal for harsh environments and is designed to meet the most rigorous standards.

  • Easy to use with DC, CC, or CV power supplies with straight (DC-) or reverse (DC+) polarity operation. No switches to set means less time setting up.
  • Built to work wherever you are – on pipelines, in shipyards, offshore, anywhere.
  • Works with both 12- and 8-inch wire spools for lighter weight and better portability.
  • Super impact-resistant case protects against dirt, metal grit, and moisture, while keeping the machine safe from the extreme abuse that grinding sparks, corrosive chemicals, and drops can cause.
  • A heavy-duty 4-roll feed unit with PWM drive provides powerful, dependable wire feeding with automatic slow wire run-in and Electronic Dynamic Braking for improved operation.